Release form

Please take some time to review Auntie Britt's release form, Book Online, or download, print, fill out and bring with you for your first appointment.

_________Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, I authorize Brittany Roberts to immediately seek professional veterinarian attention for my pet. I understand that all attempts will be made to contact me in the event of an emergency.

_________Coat Condition: I understand that Brittany Roberts puts my pets comfort above all else. In the event that my pet’s coat is matted I understand that Brittany Roberts may have to shave the matts out rather than perform a painful dematting procedure. I also understand that if my pet is severely matted, that there is an increased risk for clipper burn or cuts to occur. I understand that all attempts will be made to prevent this, however in many extreme Matt conditions it can be unavoidable. I also understand that matted pets take additional time to groom so there will be an additional fee added onto the regular grooming price if my pets coat is matted.

_________Health I understand that grooming can be stressful to some pets and I will inform Brittany Roberts if my pet has any heart conditions or stress related issues prior to grooming. 

_________ Cancellation policy: I understand that if I need to change my appointment or cancel, that I must give no less than a 24 hour notice. If  two or more appointments have been missed or canceled without giving proper notice, clients are then subject to fees. 

Less than 24 hours subject to - $35     Failure to show subject to- full cost of groom.

_________Photos I understand that Photography of pet’s visit may be used on the web and or print publications, and promotions. If you do not want your pet’s photo used, please sign write NO on space for initials. 

_________Ear hair and anal glands I understand that ear hair removal and anal glad expression is by request only. The pulling of ear hair may in some cases cause irritation, infection or hematoma’s to occur. 

_________ Pricing. I understand that pricing is always subject to change and NEVER a guarantee. Pricing is based on breed, size, coat condition, temperament, timing, ect.


Release Form

Take your time to review and sign the release form before your appointment. Download print sign and bring with you for quicker service. Don't forget to review and select a fragrance for your pet as well.


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