Policies and Protocol 


Time: I ask that you arrive no later than your appointment time. If you are running late, text me ASAP so we can make necessary arrangements. 

Late: 15 min or later is considered a no show. You will be subject to full cost of the groom, prior to rebooking future appointments.

No- show: If you do not show up for an appointment, you are responsible for 100% of the groom prior to rebooking.  

Cancelations: I request no less than a 48 hour notice to Cancle. Less than a 48 hour notice will be subject to 50% the cost of the groom, prior to rebooking.

Notice: If you are not the one picking up or dropping off your pet, you are responsible to make sure said person knows Policies and procedure. 

Drop off:

Before: I ask that you have your dogs potted prior to their appointment time. 

Arrival: Text 815-517-7745 or Call. If no answer, leave a message as I do not answer unknown numbers or while working on a pet.

Parking: Use driveway if accessible. 

Remain in your vehicle:  with pets until I come out to you. If on foot, remain on the sidewalk or use driveway area. 

Distance: If other cars or clients appear present, remain a safe  distance and do not approach other pets unless approved with owner.

Service: At this time we will go over and discuss in detail what you would like to have done for your pet.

- Time: I will give you an estimated time for pick up. Expect to arrive at given time until told otherwise.

Pick up:

Arrival: Text 815-517-7745 or Call. If no answer, leave a message as I do not answer unknown numbers or while working on a pet.

Time: your pick up time will be given no less than 15 min prior to completion. I ask that you arrive no later than your pick up time.  

If you can not make your pick up time, other plans need to be made at that time. 

Late: 15 min or later for pick up time can result in a $1 for every min fee.

Payment: is due in full at the time of pick up. 

- Payment methods will be provided with appointment confirmation and your 72 hour reminder in addition to below.

Pet condition:

If dog is lightly matted and can safely be dematted, I will do so at an extra cost.

If dog is heavily matted the dog may be shaved down to the necessary length to free them from their Mats. 

Matting charge: will be base on severity.

Accidents: with poor coat condition or matting, Minor cuts, nicks and scratches are possible in certain cases, despite how hard we try to avoid it. 

You understand you can not hold groomer responsible for conditions grooming process may expose.

Health: I understand that grooming can be stressful to some pets and I will inform groomer if my pet has any heart conditions or stress related issues prior to grooming. 

Ear hair and anal glands: I understand that ear hair removal and anal glad expression is by request only. The pulling of ear hair may in some cases cause irritation, infection or hematoma’s to occur. Injury to the anal glandes is possible


All pricing is on an individual basis, based on Breed, size, coat condition, skin condition, temperament and time. 

All pricing is an estimate and not a guarantee. 

Final price will be given with pick up time.

- Payment: is due in full at the time of pick up.

Payments before the grooming is complete will not be accepted.

Matting will be charged based on severity.

If fleas and/or ticks are found, a safe and healthy flea/ tick bath will be done at an extra cost.

Extras: If more than what is “standard” or necessary is required in any circumstance, appropriate expense will be applied: Extra ear cleaning, excessively over grown toenails, skin conditions, behavior issues, ect.

Payment methods accepted are Cash, Check, Major Credit cards. 

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, I authorize Brittany Roberts to immediately seek professional veterinarian attention for my pet. I understand that all attempts will be made to contact me in the event of an emergency.

Photos: Photography of pet’s visit may be used on the web and or print publications, and promotions. If you do not want your pet’s photo used, please let me know.



 Take your time to review the Policy & Protocol form in full and thouroughly before your appointment. Print a copy here for you records.